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Terra Basics Bundle

$125 $135

Simplify your supplement routine with our bundle that includes the top 4 supplements we recommend to our clients. Get your basic multivitamin, probiotics, omegas and magnesium from the highest quality brands on the market. Normally a $135 value, grab your month's supply bundle for just $125.

What you'll get:

NutriGold Multivitamin: A completely whole-food based vitamin that's easy to digest, up to 100% absorbed, and is sure to boost your energy + prevent any deficiencies. Take 1 capsule daily; this is a one month supply.

Sunwarrior Probiotic: Our top rated probiotic, made with soil-based organisms, which most of us are deficient in. This type of strain is stronger, allowing it to work further down in the digestive tract, resulting in better digestion, digestive regularity, and increased energy. Take 1 capsule daily, preferably away from food; this is a one month supply.

Sunwarrior Omega-3: Ditch the fish oil for this pure, algae based omega-3. Better for the fish, the environment, and your health. Fish oil has actually been shown to increase diabetes risk by up to 18% due to the contaminants in the ocean. Supplementing with this algae omega-3 can reduce inflammation, support eye health and brain health. Take 2 soft gels daily; this is a one month supply.

Catie's Whole Food Magnesium: More than 50% of the population is deficient in this important mineral. Living in a modern world, where things like stress, exposure to technology and radiation, and overconsumption of sugar, our magnesium levels are constantly being depleted. It’s important to replenish this lost mineral from a whole food source. The easiest way to do this is with an algae based supplement like Catie’s Magnesium. T

ake 4 capsules daily; this is a one month supply.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

*Products can only be returned if they are unopened in their original packaging. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns with the products. 

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