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Terra Travel Bundle

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Let's be honest, traveling can be really hard on our bodies - eating different foods (maybe not as healthy as we usually do), and being exposed to more people & more germs, it's super important to give your body a little extra love when you set off on your next getaway.


What you'll get:

ProViotic, 30 capsules

This isn't your average probiotic supplement. ProViotic is a single strain, L. Bulgaricus, which has been clinically studied to be effective in killing harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella, and H. Pylori. When you're traveling & eating out at restaurants, there's going to be risk of exposure to bacteria that could make you sick - which you never want on vacation! We recommend taking at least 1 capsule daily when you're traveling.

ION Gut Support, 3 oz travel size

It's basically impossible to eat 100% organic with no exposure to pesticides when you're traveling. ION Gut Support is a mineral-rich supplement that has been clinically studied to improve gut health, specifically gut permeability. When you consume food with pesticides, sugar, artificial colors or flavors, your gut can become compromised, leading to digestion complications, food sensitivities, skin conditions, and many other uncomfortable symptoms. Luckily, you can help to protect your gut* with 1 tsp of ION with each meal while you're on your trip. Your gut will thank you!

Synergy Immune Health, 60 capsules

No one wants to catch a cold on vacation! This immunomodulating blend of medicinal mushrooms & herbs can help to keep your immune system strong and steady*, ready to fight anything you might come in contact with on a plane or in any crowded public places you might be visiting. Keep in mind that when you indulge in sweets, fried foods or alcohol, your immune system is going to be compromised - all the more reason to give your body this extra support. We recommend taking 2 capsules daily while you're traveling.



*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. these products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

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