Best Supplements for Stress

We all have stress, but that doesn't mean it has to destroy your health. When you give your body the right tools, it's amazing what you can overcome.

best organic supplements for stress terra

These are the products we recommend the most for anyone struggling with stress taking a toll on their health:

First we need to address any potential deficiencies - Vitamin C is crucial for the adrenals to function properly. They're not only responsible for responding to stress, but also regulating metabolism, blood pressure, and your immune system.  Magnesium is also important for preventing adrenal fatigue. 75% of people do not meet their daily required intake of magnesium, so almost everyone can benefit from taking a high quality, whole food magnesium supplement.

Billy's Infinity Vitamin C - $34.99 / 330 Capsules

Catie's Whole Food Magnesium - $34.99 / 120 Capsules


Next, we want to provide some immediate stress relief using naturally calming herbs. Ingredients like Rhodiola and Holy Basil can help to block the overproduction of cortisol and keep the adrenals functioning properly when taken on a daily basis. For a daily anti-stress supplement, Gaia Adrenal Health is our most popular blend that continues to give our customers amazing results.

Gaia Daily Adrenal Health - $26.99 / 60 Capsules

For anyone who experiences panic attacks or very intense episodes of stress, WishGarden Deep Stress will be your new best friend. Whenever you're in a situation where you need to quickly take the edge off, get grounded, and be calm, just pump 7 pumps into a few ounces of water. This unique blend works quickly, plus you can use it as needed throughout the day.

WishGarden Deep Stress - $16.99 / 2 fl oz.


When you take the time to listen to your body, give it the targeted support it needs, stress can be a feeling of the past. All of the products mentioned above are available on our site, or feel free to stop by and chat with us about other options for natural stress relief.

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