How Regular Use of Gua Sha Can Benefit Your Health

Gua Sha is a skin care technique that has been used for centuries to improve lymphatic drainage, resulting in a multitude of health benefits. As we know, a healthy lymphatic system is crucial to whole body wellness!


Why should you incorporate gua sha into your routine?

-Improved skin appearance

-Increased collagen production

-Reduced dark circles and puffiness

-Helps to prevent wrinkles

-Good for preventing + addressing cellulite

-Decreases pain and inflammation around tight muscles

-Sculpts facial muscles, jawline and neck


Tips for using a gua sha tool:

-Start by applying an organic oil to your skin so the gua sha can easily slide across without creating friction.

-Use very light pressure. Pressing too hard can lead to bruising and will not provide the lymphatic drainage benefits.

-Keep in mind that we want to push any stagnant lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes for processing, not away from them. So any strokes on the face should be towards your ears and neck, and any strokes across your chest should be toward your armpits. If using gua sha on your legs for cellulite, start at the knee and pull up towards the groin.

-Consistent use of gua sha once or twice daily will provide the best benefits for noticeable changes in your skin. Don't be discouraged if you don't see a difference after your first session! 

how to use a gua sha


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