Keeping Track of Your Supplements + Sticking to a Routine

Some of our customers are often overwhelmed when they have multiple bottles of supplements to take - knowing when to take each one and remembering to be consistent can be difficult! If you struggle with sticking to a supplement routine, consider the following tips:



Many people we talk to are overlapping with different products and don't realize it. You might be getting more nutrients than what's necessary, which isn't efficient for your body or your wallet! Come in and chat with us; we can help streamline your supplement routine to be effective & efficient.


It's best to separate supplements as much as possible throughout the day. morning, afternoon, and evening is ideal, and there are certain supplements that are best suited for each time of day. This will increase absorption of your products and prevent you from having to swallow tons of capsules at a time.

For example, these supplements are best taken at these times of the day:

 Morning Afternoon Evening
probiotics greens digestive support
multivitamin antioxidants minerals
omega 3's immune support turmeric
targeted herbal formulas



Set yourself up for success. Once you've separated your supplements to be taken at different times throughout the day, place them accordingly where they're visible and easy to access: keep your morning pills on the kitchen counter, afternoon pills on your desk, and night time supplements on your bedside table. If that doesn't work for you, spend time each week separating pills into an organizer.


Stay consistent and set recurring alarms on your phone if you're struggling to remember to take your supplements. Once you listen to your body & make the connection that you feel better when you take them, it will get easier to remember!

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